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Kathy Volpe Testimonials & Accolades


With all the emails that we shared with you over the last 13-14 months, we just wanted to send one more to thank you for everything you did for us in the sale of Lloyd's house in Villa Park. Especially because we don't live in the immediate vicinity, your efforts made things much easier than they could have been for us. Going through a short-sale was not a fun experience, although it was educational, and dealing with Lloyd's health and financial situation was very time consuming and emotionally draining. Thank you for your positive attitude, your updates as to what was going on, and your explanations of next steps.

We did it,
Gary and Cindy

Hi Kathy,

Thanks for your email to my Mom. Unfortunately she passed away last November. I am sorry word did not reach you. You took such good care of her various property sales and showings. You certainly understood her needs and showed appreciation for her social nature.

I am riding the Metra train to work right now passing all the condos on St. Charles Road you took us to.

Thank you for all of your hard work for my mom. You guided her through the unknown path of independence with grace and care, always with a positive outlook.

Denise K.

Dear Kathy,

I want to thank you again for your help in selling my father's house on Madison Street in Lombard, IL. As you know, my brothers and I did ask friends to recommend a realtor, and we did interview another realtor. We found your approach to be straightforward and honest. We found you to be very energetic and excited about listing the house.

Your suggestions about how to prepare the house were very helpful to us. We appreciated your monitoring of the house while it was listed. We feel that your extensive internet listings and newspaper advertising helped us to get viewings of the house and a relatively quick sale. We also greatly appreciated your counsel as we negotiated a sales contract. Your help and advice made the process much easier for us.

The listing price you recommended was well researched and was notably higher than the other realtor recommended. Our reason for selecting you was the services and enthusiasm you offered. When we discussed a lower initial listing price, you encouraged us to list at the price you recommended. In the end, the final price we realized, even after allowances for inspection findings, was higher than the other realtor recommended for our initial listing price. Thank you for your guidance.

Again, thanks for all that you did for us. We wish you much future success.


Sue R., Lisle, IL

Dear Kathy,

Congratulations on your 30 years with RE/MAX! I'm honored to recognize your long-time membership in our organization.

Professionals like you have helped make RE/MAX what it is today, the No. 1 real estate brand in the world. Your passion, work ethic and commitment speak volumes about you and contribute significantly to our collective reputation.

We hope the unique competitive advantages of RE/MAX affiliation have contributed to your success. And as you look ahead to future milestones, we'll continue to offer unmatched benefits and services to assist you.

Congratulations once again on this incredible achievement. On behalf of the entire organization, I thank you for the incredibly positive impact you've had on RE/MAX, your community and the many families you've served.

Warm regards,

Dave Linger
CEO, Chairman and Co-Founder


Wow! What a nice job you did with this home in my sister's estate! The kitchen looks so much bigger with the white cabinets and without the ceiling fan. The hardwood floors in place of old carpets. The general "spit and polish". My niece said that you had made all of the arrangements with the auction company, cleanup and with the various contractors. This is a repeat of the great job that you did with my mothers home a year ago. I never had to leave Indianapolis-you handled everything! What a wonderful service you offer to anyone downsizing, going into a care facility or trustee's of an estate!! You bring serving and caring to the real estate industry!

Kindest Personal Regards,
Tom Johnson
FC Tucker Realtors, Indianapolis, IN.

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